Beads of Courage, Inc. – Emotionally Supportive and Intentional Activities and Workshops for Camp 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 05:00pm - 06:00pm
(All times in Eastern Time)

Come hear from our partner Beads of Courage whose mission it is to support those coping with cancer, their families and the clinicians who care for them. BOC has over 400 programs in hospitals worldwide and also has exciting programs that provide emotional support while incorporating the artform of beads gifted with intention at camp! Attend to hear about the history of BOC, “Why beads?” and how BOC programs might support your camp goals!

Beth Moneck, MS, CCLS, CIMI, who is a Certified Child Life Specialist & the Assistant Executive Director of Beads of Courage, will share how these programs can support:

1. the needs for an emotionally supportive and intentional art activity for campers at in-person and virtual camps

2. counselors/counselors in training who are looking to gain experience with easy to use, psychosocial and emotional support activities

3. AYA campers or counselors (ages 15 and up) and provide an art experience into survivorship programs

4. a unique way to bond with your counselors and junior counselors using an emotionally supportive and intentional art activity

5. clinical staff (child life, social work & other hospital staff) who are looking to incorporate expressive art, intention and mindfulness into sessions

6. Bereavement- to help participants find strength as they move through their grief process



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