Town Hall III: What will your Camp require for COVID-19, in order to return to In-Person programs? Schedule Changes, Pool Time, and New Activity Opportunities 

Wednesday, March 02, 2022, 08:00pm - 09:00pm
(All times in Eastern Time)

Let’s talk programming! Learn from COCA Directors about how they adapted their programs last summer and what changes they expect to make in 2022. Topics include schedule changes, pool time, adapting activities, and creating new traditions.


  • Larry Geiger, Camp Periwinkle, Houston, Texas
  • Carrie Pomeroy, Smile-A-Mile, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Gretchen Loose, Kay's Kamp, Newark, Delaware



Questions to consider:

  • Did you make any changes to your schedule (I.e. slower paced days, more time for cleaning, handwashing time built into schedule, etc)
  • How do you maintain physical distancing/co-horting in the pool? Did you limit capacity at all? Did you allow pool toys? If so, how did you clean them?
  • Were there any new activities that you offered last year that worked great?
  • Are there any types of activities that you don’t recommend running during COVID (i.e. difficult to maintain distancing/co-horting)
  • What type of reception did campers have last year? Did they seem more or less eager to be at camp?
  • Did you have to adapt any traditions, and if so, how did you communicate that and what was the reception?