Town Hall I: What will your Camp require for COVID-19, in order to return to In-Person programs? Meals, Communication/Staff Training, and Co-horting 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 08:00pm - 09:00pm
(All times in Eastern Time)

This is the first of three Town Halls we will host in our efforts to help prepare COCA Camps to return to in person programs.

Learn from your fellow COCA Directors about how they successfully offered in-person programming in 2021, and what policies they expect to implement in 2022. Topics include Meals, Communication/Staff Training, and Cohorting.


  • EmJ Juszczyk, Camp Happy Days, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Beverley Tidwell, Candlelighters Family Camp, Tucson, Arizona
  • Kelsey Merritt, West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation, Burnaby, British Columbia



 Questions to consider:


  • Did you change how you offered meals last year/will you make changes? Do you offer buffet style? Family style? Are you eating meals mostly outdoors?

Communication/Staff Training

  • How are you communicating your policies to families, campers, and staff? Do you find yourself needing to communicate more frequently? Did you/will you try anything new (i.e. parent Zoom informational sessions)? Do you find that parents/staff understand the policies? Have you done Zoom staff training sessions?


  • Did you cohort last year/will you this year? What did those cohorts look like? How did activities change to allow for cohorting?

Post-Session Files

Due to technical difficulties, the recording for this session is not available. Please access the following documents for our speakers' answers and a transcript of the session Zoom chat: